Friday, August 13, 2010

Harris Haven

*Warning...this post has not one image because this story has been sitting in my Drafts for over a week which is so totally unacceptable. So I'm doing it...I'm posting with zero pictures which is truly tragic because they are just down the hall on the hard drive...but it so so so hard to get them. Uploading pictures is one of the tasks I loathe most in life, certainly blogging life.* end warning

Let's see...what's new? Well what's not new is perhaps a better question. Short cap

Gary turned 33
Caleb turned 3
Jude turned 6 months, is eating solids, crawling and now expresses emotions about what he does or does not like
My brother Jon married my beautiful, amazing, talented friend Katie Templin...errr...Katie Chisum
Gigi & Mimi came to visit during the wedding
I got a new stroller
Gary & I have made some tough decisions about our future and life
and most recently I spent a wonderful day at Harris Haven.

The Harris Haven is most commonly known as my great aunt and uncles cabin on Hood Canal. The cabin was built in the 30's, I think, and has been in the family since my Grandma Betty's parents bought the land. It truly is amazing, rustic, peaceful and wonderful. I make my way to the cabin maybe once every summer at best although more typically every other year.

So yesterday marked this special day. Me and the boys, minus hubby who was workin', loaded up bright and early into the forester. I was busy the night before packing us for the days outing and really only had a few hours sleep before Jude woke at 5:45am (hear sobbing in my voice). I was supposed to be at my parents by 8am and I made it by 7:45...hold the applause!  We then transfered bags, carseats, stroller, children and one exhausted but excited me into Matt & Whit's new to them truck.

I never thought I would say it but I'm totally jealous of the truck and so want one of my own. It's a Ford Double Cab Diesel. Don't asked for a more detailed description because I wouldn't know what to say without picking up the phone to call my brother Matt and asking which I can't do because I'm out of cell minutes for another 5 days. Ughh! So back to the truck. Me and the boys fit beautifully in the back for the 3 hour drive. It would have been shorter but we had to make a few stops along the way for potty breaks and food for the day. My mom and aunt "mimi" Mary rode in my mom's car.

Around noonish we finally arrived at the cabin and pulled down the narrow path they call a driveway. The truck just made it past huge old pine trees. As a family we spent the next many hours sunning, swimming, eating, playing, resting, talking, laughing, watching, breathing and listening.

Caleb was still down at the water's edge around 7 playing happily. Thanks to Emmalise, 2nd cousins 8 year old daughter, for keeping him occupied for a large chunk of the day. Except maybe when he followed you out into the water in his water wings and you left him and I had to go get him and the water was so deep it was over my head and he nearly drowned me because he wanted to climb on my back. Mild panic attack but its ok...I've recovered now!

The day ended with a lovely feast of grilled chicken, salmon, salad, cornbread muffins, baked potato and quick goodbyes as we needed to catch our 9pm ferry from Bremerton back to Seattle. As we drove away the boys drifted off to sleep and I closed my eyes for a moment. Remembering the warm sun, the salt on my skin, the breeze, the birds, family, closeness, precious moments with my sons, the wind of passing vehicles fluttering my dress on our walk, picking the first black berries of summer, Caleb swimming with Matt, sunning with Whitney & Wyatt (name of 16 week old yet to be born nephew that may be a boy....98% chance), feeling the weight of a lot of things lifting from my shoulders.

Today I am longing.......for peace, beauty, sun, slow, creative, life, abundance, joy, grace, and lots of fun poignant memories with my little family.


  1. Jen, sounds like a wonderful time! I've missed reading about your life lately, can't believe I missed this post though! Sorry. Hope you all are doing great! If you like, I have a blog as well (just started it) it's about random stuff, decorating, diy projects, sewing, a little of everything! If you want to see, it is

  2. HI, found your blog through a mutual friend, Diane. I read about two words and immediately related to you. I have four boys, and am sans hubby quite often cuz I like the tone you use in writing. My blog is recent also, but I started it for much of the same reasons you did.

    A stranger started following my blog, and I was so stinkin excited! So, I hope you are too. Keep writing, Keep breathing, keep loving. Looking forward to more.